Estació Vegana was born out of our wish to contribute to social changes. For us cooking goes beyond the simple pleasure of tasty food.
These following principles stand as our recipes and commitment.
1.Respect towards other species.

Our cooking takes sides in the struggle in favour of anti species i . e to stand on behalf of animals of other species that are being murdered and exploited daily with the aim of turning them into food ready to be eaten.

Our dishes are devoid of animal cruelty and hence they contain no animals, nor derivatives such as eggs or dairy products.

2. Dress with a fair amount of love towards our planet.

We use local seasonal produce because we believe it is a very good way to look after the land. We insist on their being ecological so as to reduce the chemical impact on our planet.

Everything we use in our kitchen ( machines, dishes, cleaning products ) is in accordance with the highest regard towards the environment.

3. To care and be cared for.

A diet for us is the basis of health and therefore we firmly believe in healthy and nutritious food. Cooking for us is an empowering tool with an enormous power to drive transformations.

4. Put other forms of relationships on the table

In order to foster an alternative socio-economic model we wish to support small projects and establish relationships with farmers and craftsmen / women in the area. For this reason we use local produce and lend our support to this type of business.

We believe that in this way we foster human and economic relationships that allow fair agreements free from middlemen/women and large companies.

5. We always leave the plate empty.

Finally we have a strong commitment to reduce waste so we only use reusable crockery.

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