Conventions,company dinners,team building,product presentations, congresses, symposiums and banquets. It is with company menus that all of our know-how and experience come to the fore. We are aware that nothing should go wrong on these events. This depends on both your reputation and ours. We wish to become your gastronomic partner and nourish these events with your corporate values.

We live in a world of constant global transformation and companies are part of it. An agent that looks after every minor detail. So that your choice of environmental animal friendly menus is not a haphazard one, it shows concern for our planet. We can be of help because our kitchen uses 100% local vegetable ingredients. Our crockery is made with sustainable materials and we ensure that our suppliers follow ethical and environmental values.

wareness, health and gastronomy are not at stake with each other, so that our aperitifs, breakfasts and meals will surely add the finishing touch to your company events. Our challenge is to design menus that fit your company and may have an impact on your guests. In other words to serve delicious respectful food towards our planet and to show a high esteem for the health of your guests.

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