There are winter and summer weddings. That party that Ana and Marta imagine or the celebration Miquel dreams of. Banquets or gatherings with friends are meals that lead us to remember our past or may bring endless joy. No weddings are alike. Though they share one thing in common,all couples wish this day to be unforgettable. We have devised our wedding menus bearing this illusion in mind. We have matched your dreams with ours to make your day come TRUE.

There is a popular saying that goes: cooking is a way of creating edible slices of love. So if a wedding is the symbol of love, of your love, it is our wish to share your story with every dish we make. Starting with our aperitifs to the full menu, every dish, every detail, all our flavours speak on your behalf. They speak of your joy of living.

We can guarantee a unique cuisine, filled with love, especially conceived for you with exclusively vegetable ingredients. Because love, entails respect and awareness for the environment, your love story lights the fire of our kitchen. Any detail may serve to inspire us.
A spice from a foreign country you may have tasted together, an ice-cream you may have shared the summer you met, the scent of that particular Sunday. We offer a tailor- made menu and we mean it. Our wish is to get to know you, to listen to your story, so that every gesture, every look, may help us to make your day, this day a very special one. Your family, friends and guests will recognize you in every bite they take and you will always remember the taste of that day.