This recipe, so common in Central American countries, is simple and very fresh. By having so few ingredients it is essential that they are of very good quality. Luckily we can currently find local and organic mangoes and avocados grown in Spain that, in addition to being delicious, ensure a more ethical purchase.


1 large mango

2 avocados

2 lime or 1 lemon

2 pear tomatoes

1 red onion



Peel and dice the mango, avocado and onion. Mix.

Add the juice of two limes and oil and salt to taste. Let it marinate in the fridge for at least 1 hour and serve.

To serve, it can be plated with dehydrated banana chips or tortilla chips.

Tricks for peeling and cutting:

  • Mango: cut two halves vertically avoiding the bone and with a glass insert one of the sides of the handle through the edge of the glass until all the skin comes out. Do the same with the other half and finish peeling the mango taking advantage of the sides of the bone. Cut into small cubes.

  • Avocado: cut in half vertically. Remove the pit and with a spoon extract half of the whole avocado. Cut into small cubes.

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