In charge of the Estació Vegana kitchen are chefs Nuria and Marina.
We decided one day to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and contemplate the slow change of the seasons from behind the walls of our house in the Montseny. We have not only fled from heavy traffic and noise,stresses and strains, but from a conventional life as well. After trying out a series of professional tasks within the fields of health and welfare we have found our common ground in cooking.

Together we have discovered that a whole world of flavours and textures could be created by using 100% vegetable ingredients.
As we tasted new recipes we felt the need to share them with friends and family. Hence the idea of a craft cuisine that can be shared with everyone through catering and fairs. Estació Vegana is our way of connecting with people, offering our service and exchanging knowledge to learn from each other.

Nuria’s words about Marina

When Marina as a child opened the refrigerator of her home in Horta she would find food that was slightly different from the one of her schoolmates. She often tells me that her family turned daily meals into a feast of colours and flavours.The idea of a first and second course as was the habit in most homes was not kept.

The subtlety and love and care which existed in her home as a child applies to her choice of ingredients nowadays. These are strictly ecological and healthy. This permeates Marina’s style of cooking as chef of Estació Vegana. Marina loves experimenting with cereals, beans and vegetables and disregards boiled tasteless vegetables strongly. She invents recipes that seem to have originated in some of the best world’s restaurants. But more than this, she enjoys sharing them with friends and family members.

I can see mostly pros in my words. I think I could mention one con, she is a bit of a pain in the neck regarding nutrients. In other words besides being good, food should be healthy and well balanced. This comes most likely from the time she worked as a sports coach and had to be in form so that food was a way of ensuring her fitness.

Marina’s words about Nuria

Nuria’s family is the kind you can imagine gathering round a table,sharing a good meal with friends and family. For this reason she grew up in a world that showed a passion for good food and cooking over a low heat.

Nuria was by instinct a sensitive and committed child, who felt a strong rejection towards eating meat owing to her love for animals.

This intuition of hers gained in strength during her years at University where she was taught the concept of anti species and thus a new way of relating with animals. The basic change began with her diet and from there on it has covered all the facets of her character.

A graduate psychologist and therapist Nuria has found art and therapy in cooking and a way of improving health and relationships. This is why she appreciates spicy and tasty food,the one that in each bite opens up a new world of tastes and sensations. Nuria is a demanding meticulous creative cook, ready to take one further step when making a dish.

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