The offer of a good meal is a sign of the kindest hospitality. Regardless of who you invite, whether friends, family members,old school friends or your close neighbours you wish all these people to feel a warm welcome by tasting the courses you offer for the occasion. In every lunch or dinner we design there is a taste of ourselves. We believe that every bite brings people closer together.

Cicero is known for saying that pleasure in a banquet is nor measured by the abundance of food but by the conversation it stimulates. Therefore whether they are birthdays, gatherings or traditional celebrations we want our courses to contribute to break the ice, to establish new bonds. For this reason we need to know what and how you wish to celebrate.
Every detail counts in a child’s party or in the birthday cake we are decorating for Victoria who will turn 8 this summer.

So, if you have chosen us is proof that you have a special awareness for the world around you. We guarantee that our menus are designed with 100% vegetable ingredients that offer an unlimited range of textures and tastes. We are sure that whatever reasons there are to organise a party, you wish above all to respect other species, love our planet and enjoy a healthy cuisine.

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